Mike Allanson

Director | Wealth Manager

WP Michael 250822-8

We want to deliver outcomes for our clients that are better than average. I'm not one to settle, and I'll keep pressing on until I've exhausted every possible angle and option.

Authorised Representative No. 263096

A proud veteran of the financial planning profession, I started in the industry in 1983. Fast forward four decades, and a lot of my founding clients are still with me today. This is something I am immensely proud of; we build long-lasting relationships with our clients, becoming their personal confidantes.

I may not be as quick on my feet as I was 40 years ago, but I have the energetic enthusiasm of the young advisors and support team I surround myself with.

Helping people live happier, less stressful lives is incredibly rewarding and has been the driving force behind everything we do here at WP Wealth Professionals. Beyond the money side of things, we ultimately want our clients to live the life they want, not held back by constant money worries.

Outside work hours, you’ll see me out and about kite surfing and taking in the beauty of Western Australian wildflowers. I have a keen interest in understanding lifetimes past and supporting the injured fauna and animal sanctuary.

My mates from school nicknamed me ‘Alleycat’. I’ll tell you why when we meet.

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"We provide a refresh by making the new feel familiar and the familiar feel new."